Using mailchimp with contact-form 7


5 steps with screenshots for each steps to describe it:

  1. Now, whenever the user puts his/her mail address on contact form’s “Email” field & hits the ‘submit’ button, then he/she receives the email that says “Yes, Subscribe me to the list”. Checkout the screenshot below:

first image

2. At the same time an email goes to the admin [“To:” field of the contact-form at the back-end] with the information of the user who had submitted that contact form. There will be the values that user had inserted earlier in the contact form.

second image

3. Accordingly, the user after clicking on “Yes, Subscribe me to the list” button received earlier through the mail will receive another mail saying “Subscription confirmed”. Below is the attachment for more clarification on this.

third image

4. At the same time his/her information will be stored on the mail-chimp list as shown in the screenshot below. Note that we are trying to store company-name & phone values on the list as an example. The attachment below showshow the values gets stored on the mail-chimp list on their respective fields. Please check the second row.fourth image

5. REGARDING THE MAIL-CHIMP LIST& FIELDS CREATION: First of all, we have to create ‘Fields’ which will store values in mail-chimp list submitted via contact form. Log in to mail-chimp account, then go to ‘Lists’ which will be used to store values submitted via contact form. And then go to “List fields and *|MERGE|* tags” as shown below.

mailchimp list & cf7

The process of creating fields in mail-chimp along with the contact form can be described in 3 sub-steps, which can be seen with the attachments below:

Sub-step 1: Login to your mailchimp account & choose the list from ‘Lists’ menu where you want the contact form values to be inserted. Mouse-over the settings & go to ‘List fields and *|MERGE|* tags’ menu. See the screenshot below.


Sub-step 2: Add all the fields that will store the value submitted via contact form.

-Note: As it is very critical phase, please follow step 3 along with this step.

Sub-step 3: Until & unless the fields on the contact form as well as on the mail-chimp is not created properly, field value like the value of company, phone & message will never be stored in the mail-chimp list.The field name on the contact form & on the mail-chimp list must be exactly the same. Please see the below screenshot.


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