Pandemic : An Opportunity in Disguise

Pandemic : An Opportunity in Disguise

Pandemic has held the world shut and everything seems to be adversely affected. The world economy has been challenged and from the niche market to global enterprises, the revenue has dropped by a big margin. According to BBC, British Airways has cut up to 12000 job as air travel collapsed.

The situation has been brutish not only to the companies and enterprises but we as a person have been mentally confronted as well. Most of the offices are closed and people are locked behind the doors. The minds that used to be busy for 9 to 10 hours continuously are now free and free minds often attract negative thoughts if not managed properly.

Inner management is the process of managing the thought process so that it works for one’s self and not against them. Our thought process is often affected by the external factors which are not always in our control. And when they are not in our control, we often feel frustrated and that is when we are bound to think towards negativity.

So, the question is how to manage ourselves when the external factors try to spook our inner being and how not to be bothered by the things which are not under our control. I have implemented some of the things which one can try to stay positive during this tough time. A slight change in my daily routine feels like it has changed many things from body to brain. So, these are some of the things I have been following for some months or so and I have already felt some positive changes.

1. Meditation: Waking up early in the morning has been the most difficult thing to do for today’s generation. But deducting some bed time and utilizing it for the mental health helps a lot. Either we sleep some more or utilize it for our mental well-being, it is both for us. Meanwhile, the latter one works in favor of us.

2. Reading or writing: Reading or writing something occupies our mind while increases our knowledge. I generally read articles and try to write one. Not only does it improve the reading and writing skills but it also makes a habit to research and learn something.

3. Workout and exercise: Workout and exercise helps maintain balancing the body. It does not necessarily include lifting heavy weights but also other light exercises such as hiking, running and PT. During this period, people are often seen eating more than they usually do because they have nothing to do. This brings unbalanced and unhealthy food culture and improper diet. If our body is in proper shape, our mind too is ought to be in the proper shape.

4. Learning and Hobby: Working from home allows us to have some time for ourselves because we don’t have to go to the office. We can utilize this time to learn something good for us. We can learn to cook new items, make vlogs or videos, check out new technological practices or whatever we are interested at. This not only keeps our mind busy but also helps us to learn new skills.

Hence, it’s all about staying positive and utilizing whatever time we get for ourselves. This has also given us time for the reality check and work for ourselves. It is said that, you become whatever you have in your mind. So, lets focus on something good and make it happen. Let’s block all the negative thoughts and work on our inner management. It surely is the opportunity in disguise.

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