No solution

Continuous scratch on head, water bottle on hand & the eyes intact on the screen, something was wrong but what? Every line of the script looked spot on but what was that error for, no idea. Tired hands & mind of googling the issue but no help.  Now the issue can’t be solved, its impossible to solve it. The frustration leading to hit the enter button so hard it would have easily broken someone’s nose had it been hit on someone’s face. Continuous coding & coding from the morning with no ounce of meal was already enough to make the mind & body energy-less & now the issue that seems to have no possible result. Now what? Getting out of the machine & finding some air in the terrace with cigarette on hand but mind still on the screen & codes.

Different thoughts & ideas playing hide & seek in mind but what approach to apply for the solution. Hell yeah! I’m going to start from the beginning. Rushing towards the table, eyes again on the screen, hands on mouse & scrolling slowly before having a sit. There you go, the error seems to reveal itself. How in the hell I missed it before. No semicolon on line 465. Adding it & compiling with fingers crossed, the error is gone now. Now what? smile on face thinking how come I didn’t see it. Bang! goes the enter button again.

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