Deceived by the light

One cool dark evening, a butterfly so beautiful was flying in its own rhythm; due to darkness may be it was a bit agitated too. After a while, a bright window catches its attention. So it flies towards that direction hoping it to be a safer & a better place. At the same time, someone opens the window & it gets in anyhow. The window then gets slammed suddenly. The small creature flies slowly & figures out the place but finds it queer & bizarre. Huge walls all around, the setting was like a trap for the butterfly. There was no food, flowers or anything familiar for it. So, it tries to fly out but a barrier that is the glass window was not so kind to let it go.

Flapping its wings much faster, it flies here & there & tries to get out but no help. Then anyhow, it flies to another room & tries to get out via the window again but unfortunately hits the window hard. The glass avoiding the freedom again. It backs off for a moment & then tries again. But this time finds a hole in the window. So, it slowly squirms through it & makes it this time through the hole to the freedom. It flies again freely & vanishes in the cool breeze. It was not the darkness that deceived the butterfly but it was the light.


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